Culture, Redefined

What are the words you’d use to describe these images? Mine are culture, redefined.

Banglez’s extravagant jewelry scattered over my face is both familiar and unfamiliar, which makes it all the more beautiful to me. To some, these images might seem like an inappropriate use of Indian jewelry traditionally worn on the nose and ears…a taboo against cultural norms. To me, they are a new interpretation of tradition and a representation of the South Asian diaspora. The culture of diaspora is complex in the ways it fits native sociocultural values into a Western framework, oftentimes with friction and dissent.


What is culture exactly? Merriam-Webster defines culture as “the characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time,” which implies that culture is actually meant to be continually recontextualized as we move through time and space. Then why do we face resistance or judgment when trying to incorporate our culture into our existence instead of strictly adhering to norms that have been established in another time, and sometimes in another place? I think about my status as an immigrant, and the idea that culture is a “set of shared experiences”. Since immigrants are a living product of hybridization, the crosspollination of two places – shouldn’t we be exploring these intersections instead of being torn between the ideals of our homelands and our new homes?

Growing up as a first generation Indian American, I have questioned these concepts time and again while at war with my truth vs. my culture – fighting each battle, but rarely finding true satisfaction because of the inevitable compromise on either end. Regardless of which time or place we come from, too many of us face overwhelming pressures to conform to cultural expectations across the board – around careers, love and marriage, raising families, dress codes, notions of beauty, and more.


I think about my billions of brain cells wired to think freely, my heart destined to follow itself, my soul which is everlasting beyond the presence of any culture. I do not believe it is necessary to strictly confine ourselves to our native culture to pass down important ways of life to future generations. I believe in the importance of understanding and respecting our roots while exploring and embracing our lived realities to achieve a constant state of evolution.

Culture ties us to each other, our roots, and our descendants as strongly as our genetic code does – both encoded with information once important to survive and thrive. It is our duty to honor those before us and share the culture they have developed with future generations. At the same time, deconstructing racist, sexist, homophobic, casteist, and such divisional traditions are both beneficial on an individual level and within the bigger picture of societal evolution. It’s important to analyze the context in which a practice was established, and to consider whether it makes sense for us to relive or to rewrite it. For example, the world once operated with women as housewives and men as breadwinners. Gender norms continue to be deconstructed and neutralized and women now make up 47.7% of the workforce, yet the glass ceiling continues to be lifted. We must be willing and able to explore new ideas to evolve.

It’s only human to want to belong yet to also have free will. This is the inherent conflict I have faced adhering to culture in the South Asian immigrant community. Culture makes us rich – through its art and food, celebration and clothing – while trapping us in a cycle of emulation. I want to use the richness of my cultural capital as inspiration for a new journey, one that hasn’t been written yet. My journey thus far has involved many instances of choosing between my roots and pursuing opportunities in my new reality. These do not have to be at odds with one another because we should own all aspects of our being, from our ancestors to our future growth.


These images to me resemble the beauty of coloring outside the lines, an analogy to exploring the depths of our existence. As Charles Darwin, the father of evolution said, “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” The purpose of life on earth is to evolve, and evolution favors diversity. It calls us to use the tools of our culture and our higher consciousness to paint our beautiful, tragic, adventurous, unique lives and to make something original.

– Krithika Reddy
Jewelry Banglez
Photographer Ankur Maniar

Sage Collection

When we began working with precious gemstones we oohed and aahed over their natural beauty and just loved incorporating them into our traditional designs. It really took our pieces to another level and felt genuine to who we are. As time went on I began to learn more about each stone and its unique benefits. I loved having their healing energy around, whether it be with our jewelry or even as pieces on display for décor.


Crystals have an incredible amount of energy in them and can be used to absorb, transmit and even amplify certain feelings. Many people use crystals in the home or workplace to create calming and relaxed energy within the space. My kids actually sleep with the selenite crystal under their pillow as they feel it keeps the bad dreams away! Selenite is known to create calm and give a feeling of protection.

There are certain other stones that really resonate with me like the Rose Quartz. This gem has wonderful benefits that encourage Self Love and Unconditional Love. Now, who wouldn’t want to wear love around their neck!?! Other stones that I’m drawn to are amethyst, turquoise, jade and agate to name a few! I found it fascinating that turquoise is one of the first known stones to be mined. From the Aztecs to the Egyptians turquoise was used for both its beauty and protective nature.


About a year ago, I experienced a Reiki session for the first time and this particular Reiki healer used stones during our session. This opened up a whole new world to me in terms of the respect I had for the magical stones we were using in our jewelry. I began to fully understand why they felt so good on, and really grabbed people’s attention. I found it so gratifying to know that not only does our jewelry look great but it actually holds healing and positive energy that can be used to balance our individual surrounding energy field.


The Sage Collection honours the chakras. Many of the stones used have unique benefits for each chakra. Shaifali Kapur is a professional model and good friend. She has studied yoga and various energy healing techniques. I wanted to get her perspective on the Chakras and the use of Reiki…

The chakra system is located within our energetic body and can attribute to how we move through life. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “wheel.” They are essentially vortexes of energy that sit at various points within our bodies. We have seven primary chakras that begin at the base of the spine and continue up to the top of our heads. The First Chakra is known in Sanskrit as Muladhara, or simply — the root chakra. It is located at the base of the spine, where the tailbone sits. Muladhara holds the seat of our infinite potential (also known as Kundalini Shakti) and is associated with our sense of fearlessness, adaptability, stability and security. When this chakra is out of balance, we tend to move through life with fear, disconnection and stress.

The Second Chakra, known as Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra, is physically located at the level of our reproductive organs. It represents our link to taste, desire, pleasure, sexuality, creativity and flow. When our Swadhisthana isn’t functioning well, we can experience guilt and a consistent feeling of something that is lacking in our life. When this chakra is balanced, we experience greater energy of abundance, joy and creative flow.

The Third chakra is our Manipura, located at the level of our solar plexus — also known as the solar plexus chakra. This chakra houses the seat of our fire, our passion and determination in life. A strong sense of willpower is deeply associated with how enlivened our Manipura is. It represents our deepest will to go above and beyond our limitations and breeds total self-confidence. When imbalanced, it tends to cultivate feelings of insecurity, victimhood, depression and even anger within the individual. Getting to know your inner fire is extremely invaluable, as fire is a beautiful element for us to develop — it really forces us to cultivate personal power. The reason it gets a bad rep is that fire is so often associated with aggression and anger. It’s important to note however that these associations only exist if one’s Manipura is imbalanced.

Moving further up the spine, the Fourth Chakra is located at the level of the heart, in the middle of the chest and is referred to as Anahata. This is truly where the magic happens! Not only does our Anahata hold the seat of all love and compassion, but it also carries the strongest electromagnetic field. If you want to feel its magic, hug someone you love and match your heart chakras against one another. Hold this embrace (with total presence) for a full two minutes! The electromagnetic field of your hearts will merge together and your nervous systems will sync up, creating a sense of ease and total calmness. When this chakra isn’t functioning optimally, one tends to feel emotional longing and attachment or co-dependency. However, as we work to enliven this chakra, we can experience total freedom, joy, a transcendence of fear and immense clairvoyance.

The Fifth Chakra is known as Vishuddha or the throat chakra. It’s located right in the centre of our throat and as you may have guessed, it represents our will to speak. The power of one’s word is an important quality to cultivate, as it is our birthright to be able to express oneself, to find one’s voice and to be able to speak from the heart. Although it is greatly linked to speaking, it also represents our ability to listen without judgement and transmute thoughts into wisdom. With that said, when this chakra isn’t functioning appropriately the individual can have a hard time using his/her voice to communicate their needs.

One of the most popularly mentioned is the Sixth Chakra, also known as the third eye or Agya in Sanskrit. It is also nicknamed as “The Master Chakra.” It’s located at the third eye centre and represents the seat of our natural intelligence and intuition. Without the ability to tap into our intuition, we may find it challenging to feel full alignment in our lives. As we tune into our natural intelligence, life follows suit and responds to the higher vibrations that we learn to have.

The final chakra is Sahasrara, also known as the crown or Seventh Chakra. It is located just above the head and symbolizes total enlightenment. Enlightenment represents our spiritual connection with truth and bliss.

All of these chakras can be worked on to manifest a more fulfilling life. After a little bit of contemplation, it’s quite easy to see how the quality of our chakra system influences the quality of our life. Reiki is an excellent modality, that is used to cleanse the energetic “gunk” from our bodies. The practice works with helping to bring our chakras back into balance by inviting healing energy to flow through the practitioner and into the patient’s body. I’ve completed my Reiki Level 1 certification and an amazing thing I’ve learned is that the healing energy always knows exactly where to go. By healing the body energetically, we’re also able to bring greater healing to the physical as well as emotional body. Another modality for bringing the chakras into balance is through Kundalini yoga. This is a measurable science that involves raising one’s personal power, or Shakti, by unlocking the energy that remains dormant at the base of the spine — in the Muladhara. Through Kundalini work the energy uncoils itself and rises upwards,  piercing through the upper chakras. In doing this, we can gain greater access to our energetic body and ultimately greater access to a fulfilled life!

Shaifali Kapur

Many things changed in our world since we began to work on this collection. In some ways, it has allowed us to slow down and reflect on family and inner peace. In other ways, it has brought up many feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Like many of you, we had plans and goals for this year that we’ve had to put aside or on hold and this collection was one of those things. Recently I began to feel more positive and hopeful. I decided we needed to share this beautiful collection. It felt like we wanted to open up our doors and welcome you all in (figuratively speaking of course) to a space that faces the fear that surrounds us and asks what can I do with this fear?  How can I grow from it? How can I smother it with love? One of the things we have begun to do before the kids wake up is burn sage every morning. A technique that is called smudging, has many benefits including an energetic cleansing. It’s become a comforting scent that represents the beginning of a new day. A clean slate, ready for optimism and faith.

With humble gratitude for our health, the country we live in and our loved ones we present to you the Sage Collection.

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Photography by @alinarahmanphotography
Jewelry Design & Creative Direction by @banglez_jewelry
Makeup by
Muse @pardeep_bassi_
Dupattas/shawls by @manikjassal
Special thanks to Shaifali Kapur for her insights. @shaifali.kapur



Square 1 Diwali Market ft. Banglez!

Diwali Market brings the Festival of Lights to Square One for the first time!💥

New Diwali Market will offer a one-of-a-kind destination in celebration of the Hindu holiday from October 17 to October 20, 2019 in support of Seva Food Bank

MISSISSAUGA, Oct. 8, 2019 – From October 17 to October 20, 2019, Culture Market Co., a growing events production company focused on creating culturally-inspired events and expos celebrating ethnic customs and traditions, will host the first-ever Diwali Market at Square One. The market is being held in support of Seva Food Bank, a not-for-profit organization in Mississauga that provides safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to low-income families.

The Diwali Market will bring the Festival of Lights to life by creating a one-of-a-kind destination where visitors will enjoy a sampling of the food, fashion, beauty, dance, and traditions of Diwali. To underscore the spirit of giving associated with Diwali, attendees are asked to donate a non-perishable food item to Seva Food Bank upon entering the market to help build stock for the coming winter season.

“Culture Market Co. is dedicated to driving meaningful connections through culture and we are thrilled to be hosting Square One’s first Diwali Market in support of Seva Food Bank,” said Anita Saini, founder of Culture Market Co. “Drawing from my upbringing as a first-generation Canadian in a Hindu household, my aim with this market is to deliver an immersive, fun, and interactive Diwali celebration that showcases customs and traditions that shoppers will truly enjoy. We hope that the market sparks giving and generosity in the community, underscoring the spreading of light that Diwali is known for.”

“Square One is committed to creating exceptional, first-of-its-kind experiences for our guests and we are thrilled to host our first-ever Diwali Market and bring another innovative, meaningful moment to the shopping centre,” said Catherine Llagas, Specialty Leasing Manager, Square One Shopping Centre. “Diwali is a celebratory time of year and it is important for us to embrace the rich cultural narrative of our community and bring the Festival of Lights to Mississauga.”

The Diwali Market will be held on Level Two inside Square One, across from H&M.

Opening Night:

Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors/and 905 ambassador will kick-off festivities on opening night (October 17) with a special guest appearance. Bhatia will stop by the market to make a donation to Seva Food Bank at 7:00 p.m. and will be available for photos as he tours the marketplace.

DJ Andre 905, the official DJ of Raptors 905, will help kick-off Diwali festivities, bringing the sounds of the season to the market.

Colourfully Curated Experience

The Diwali Market will feature a list of carefully curated vendors representing some of the most notable South Asian food, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands, including Vasanti, Candy Crate Events, Mani Jassal, Brars, Banglez, Served Co., and Poppy Lane. Special programming is scheduled throughout the market days, including live dance performances, henna art, and food sampling.

Attendees can also look forward to a star-studded panel entitled How I Built My World Class Business Using Teachings From My Culture hosted by ANOKHI LIFE on Saturday afternoon (October 19) at 1:00 p.m. featuring an in-depth and engaging discussion by:

  • Raj Girn, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur and Founder/Media Personality, ANOKHI LIFE and OPEN CHEST

  • Tamanna Roashan, Founder, Educator, Influencer, and Entrepreneur, DRESS YOUR FACE

  • Reetu Gupta, President and CEO, The Gupta Group and The Eastons Group

The panel will discuss women in business and entrepreneurship through the lens of South Asian culture.

“People often have misconceptions about female entrepreneurs of ethnic backgrounds,” said Raj Girn, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur and Founder/Media Personality, ANOKHI LIFE and OPEN CHEST. “There’s this notion that being a successful businesswoman of colour means you have to quiet your cultural identity and it’s just not true. What better platform to have an open and honest conversation about this than during the Diwali Market. I’m pleased to moderate and take part in a discussion with two extraordinary women who have been able to shine in business without pushing their cultural identity into the background.”

“I’m honoured to be participating in this truly empowering panel about women in business,” said Tamanna Roashan, Founder, Educator, Influencer, and Entrepreneur, DRESS YOUR FACE. “A win for one woman, is a win for all women. Being a female entrepreneur and educator myself, I understand the importance of sharing real knowledge so we can collectively break more barriers in the male-dominated world of business.”

“I am passionate about spreading the power of love to women – love for themselves and love for life,” said Reetu Gupta, President and CEO, The Gupta Group and The Eastons Group. “It is my honour to be on this panel with these women to speak about this important and timely topic.”

Please visit @culturemarektco on Instagram for details, updates, and contest promos.

Banglez will be showcasing their items from Oct 17th-19th, we can’t wait to see you there!😃

Kultur’d ft. Banglez Malinda Chohan!🎙

Kultur’d Host Meera Estrada sits down for this special on Fashion & Beauty with LiveTinted CEO Deepica Mutyala, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander, stylist Truc Nguyen and PR Director Jessica Panetta. Guest host: Banglez boutique owner Malinda Chohan. They also discuss #ontheradar: JLO & Versace, Super Bowl halftime show, BoF500 cover stars including Dapper Dan and more.

Listen to it here!

9ebe9572-4188-4acc-a793-16034c7f031fMalinda Chohan, Deepika Mutyala & Host Meera Estrada76ad9c09-63f5-40bf-b21e-474bac0e8867Banglez boutique owner Malinda Chohanc0b0d561-7075-4dc5-80b3-bb541b46a978LiveTinted CEO Deepica Mutyalab42705cc-948f-45dc-aaa5-51b451d5a1f2Host Meera Estrada, Deepika Mutyala & Malinda Chohan with Livetinted’s new hue sticks!00547c64-ac28-4646-afc1-c2f42755cef8Malinda Chohan, Jessica Panetta & Host Meera Estradaa48781fe-7bcd-42d7-b5ce-db3012f717c5Malinda Chohan, Truc Nguyen & Host Meera Estrada648585b6-7658-4ef8-8e6e-08035fbfaa81Host Meera Estrada & Malinda Chohan

Excited to try the new Hue sticks from Livetinted!

Tikka tutorial with Ready to Glow✨

The lovely Hemali from has made putting on a tikka easy, have a look!

🇮🇳The struggle of putting a tikka on is so real sometimes – who else agrees?🙋‍♀️ I made a tikka tutorial a long time ago and so many of you guys loved it so I thought I’d make an updated one showing you guys different ways you can style your hair with a tikka too!
1. Tease the crown of hair
2. Comb the hair so the top looks smooth
3. Create a part in the middle of your bangs to make sure the tikka is centred
4. Place a bobby pin in the hook of your tikka
5. Hook the bobby pin into the teased part of your hair
6. Take another bobby pin and cross it with the bobby pin in your hair to secure it
8. Section off the part of your hair that’s right before your bobby pins, tease it and comb it out lightly so it covers up your bobby pin
9. Use eyelash glue on the back of the tikka to glue it down to your forehead so it doesn’t move
10. Tease your hair accordingly depending on which way you want it parted. ———————————————————————-
• jewelry: @banglez_jewelry • eyelash glue: @duoadhesive • hairspray: @tresemme ———————————————————————-
#indianjewelry #indianjewellery #hairtutorial #hairvideos #hairvideo #shorthairdontcare #longhairdontcare #hairoftheday #hairgoals #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #allmodernhair
For her other hacks, see this post!

Revamp Bridal Jewelry✨

Have you gone through the 5 stages of grief with your wedding jewelry? The “this can’t be happening” denial shortly before the “what the hell” anger, then the “if only” bargaining followed by the wave of depression when the reality has set in and lastly, accepting that you spent a sh*t ton of money for jewelry pieces you may never wear again.

i.e. the exact words from a real bride: “Ahhhhhhh, I spent $2000 dollars on my wedding jewelry, what am I going to do with it now?!?! Yesss the simpler pieces from smaller wedding functions like earrings, bangles and stuff can be used again BUT THIS HUGE WEDDING NECKLACE!! AND KALEERAYE?!!?”

Does this sound like you? STOP because we’re cutting your grief off EARLY!

1. Life is just simply too short for any sort of grief, especially for avoidable grief

2. We have some GOOD NEWS!

Banglez will take your huge Banglez wedding jewelry pieces and revamp them one time for FREE! Yess you read that right FREE! Why? We UNDERSTAND how hard you grind for those $$$ and spending all that money on your wedding makes so much sense because IT’S YOUR SPECIAL DAY! When the aftermath guilt sets in and you don’t feel that great anymore, that’s when we step in to remind you that we NEVER want you to regret a decision that once made you happy!

Bring in your Banglez wedding jewelry and have it revamped to be worn again and again as many times as you damn well please! Typically the process involves booking a personal appointment for your bridal jewelry revamp. On the day of your appointment bring all the jewelry you want to be broken down and rebuilt. Depending on what you want to be done, it could be either done with no additional pieces or some of the pieces may require additional purchases to fit onto your wedding jewelry. NO WAIT! DON’T STOP READING! I know the thought of possibly spending more money on this seems worse but I promise you that the small amount will go a long way. It’s a million times better than holding on to your wedding jewelry as it is because it will eventually be pushed to the back of your closet, which in my opinion is a lot worse, wouldn’t you agree?

For example, when it comes to necklaces being broken up, that typically requires no cost as the necklace is usually just broken down into 2-3 smaller necklace pieces depending on the size of the original. This is unless you want to jazz it up with other pieces like our bride Amy did when she added the gold dangling necklace to the choker piece. You could even do a waist chain, a headpiece, anklets, a hairpiece or so much more depending on what you’re working with!

Other pieces may be more limited, like kaleeraye that can be turned into earrings or latkan (the tassels that lean off the side of lengha bottoms or the backs of suit tops/saree blouses), maybe even a tikka, it all depends.

These are just suggestions but truly there are so many possibilities. We’re here to help you make the most of this experience and strive to make you love every revamped piece!

Here are media examples to show you an example of the process from our client Amy.

Doesn’t she look stunning?!?!?! Now take a sneak preview at the behind the scenes process!

Our bride Amy was super happy with the results! She truly felt like she got her money’s worth! Since she’s happy, we’re happy!

Give us the opportunity to help you love the many forms of your jewelry. Contact us at or call (416) 834-6717 for a consultation now!

*Revamp process could take up to 3-6 weeks depending on orders and availability*

– Mahak Gupta

Banglez Bloggeress

Banglez ft. Blend 🇮🇳⛪️🇵🇰

When we begin to curate and/or create a collection, we often draw inspiration from concepts and ideas that come to us in our everyday life. I absolutely love working with other creatives! Exchanging ideas and talking about what makes us similar and what sets us apart, can be so intriguing! From an outsiders perspective, a creative collaboration may seem like a simple idea. However, often there’s a hidden story not evidently apparent behind it that spans much deeper than what meets the eye.

When I first met Sarah and Sonia from Blend Hair & Makeup Studio, we connected right away and immediately decided to collab on a project that had nothing to do with selling our products or services. It was a fulfilling experience that we shared with a few individuals that had dealt with or knew someone who had experienced mental health issues.

We asked our followers to reach out to us and bravely share stories about how they or someone they know have experienced and dealt with mental illness. It was… an incredibly moving and humbling experience to come together with these individuals on such an intimate level. As a show of gratitude, we then got them ready with all things Blend and Banglez, followed by styling by Iman Grewal and a photoshoot with Narbir of Brown Rice Photography, who took personal and beautiful pictures of each participant.

It really is rare to meet someone and connect on such a personal level.  In a way, it essentially creates a special, long-lasting bond.

I think that’s why this project means so much to me, it shares a unique angle of our connection in a whole new and different way! Sonia came by Banglez to collaborate on ideas for an upcoming shoot. She said, “We need you guys to make some pieces that are totally custom and completely different than what you’ve ever made before!” I was excited, to say the least.

The idea was born from a recent conversation Sarah and I had about the similarities we shared growing up. She and I are both born and raised Catholic girls 😉 My background being from Goa and Sarah’s being from Karachi.

In order to really understand where this collection originated I have to tell you about some of my experiences growing up. I attended a Catholic school and was the only Indian person there. Although I don’t recall getting directly teased there were often subtle ‘slip-ups’. Racist comments made about people that looked like me – forgetting I was standing right there.

Once I got to high school I started hanging out with more South Asians and that’s when I began to feel more connected to people that shared my culture. But I didn’t realize that I’d have to prove how “Indian” I really was. I found myself explaining that yes there are a lot of Catholics and Christians throughout South East Asia and yes we eat curry just like you do!  I didn’t understand it because at home it felt like my parents were as Indian as they come; the way they shared stories about their childhood growing up in India, taking us to family parties where we experienced the culture, and as I mentioned – the food!

I visited family in Bombay and Goa as a child, where I saw first hand how my parents grew up. So exactly how does that not make me Indian enough? Many people would say, “You’re not Indian, you’re Goan” or tell me that Goa is an Island and not part of India. Nope, Goa is not an island and is definitely part of India. It’s a State making it just as much part of India as the 21 other states.

I was really beginning to feel a connection to my roots yet at the same time, I often felt like I had to prove myself. As an art and design student, I would find endless ways to incorporate Indian influences into my work because it was so inspiring to me.  Although I could see it wasn’t always appreciated by my professors. Not Indian enough in some ways and too Indian in others? I was determined to not be forced into a category.

That’s around the time where I found a way to express myself through makeup and jewelry. It felt like a very natural progression since I was always kind of obsessed with bindis and yes you guessed it, bangles!

As an adult, I learned just how insanely complex all the different cultures, religions and not to mention languages in South Asia really are. That’s why I can now understand how there may have been so many misconceptions of this ‘exotic’ place known for its beaches. I truly relish learning about all the cultures from around the world, while also taking the time to share beautiful details about Goa. Did you know Konkani is the dialect spoken there and that it’s very similar to Marathi?

There are still times when I meet people (usually Aunties) at the store who make small insinuating comments about whether or not I’m the owner, after hearing my name is Malinda and that I’m from Goa. Luckily, my husband Hardip is from Punjab which gets me a free pass and suddenly I make the cut again lol 🙂

Once you know all this you can understand how I felt when Sonia and Sarah told me that they wanted us to design Cross jewelry for the upcoming shoot. My mind began racing, I was in awe of a concept that I felt had always been right in front of me but yet why hadn’t it been done yet? Mixing South Asian traditional stones into a cross, of course!?


As a believer of God and the Universe, I think people choose to pray or connect with their spirituality in a way that feels most comfortable to them. For me, my prayer and my passion are drawn from being a Catholic Indian.

Hardip and I worked together to design these pieces, that we are so proud of. It was undeniably a beautiful thing, to see it come together. I can only explain it by saying it was like seeing your work finally represent who you are, without any words needed.

This special collection that is made up of friendships, culture, and religion, can only rightfully be named the Blend Collection.

For each piece sold a portion of the sale will benefit SOCH – Start the Conversation, a mental health initiative, from now until the end of the year.

Have a look at the collection that will be available for sale Monday, November 19th, 2018 on and many specially made pieces will be available at Blend Studio in Oakville!

Model [left] : @bnmmodels | @natasharamkay 
Hair: @sonia_singh_89 | @maymaycreateshair 
Makeup: @sarah.blendbeauty 
Model [right]: @bnmmodels / @liv_blais 
Makeup: @makeupbyjustine_blend 
Photographer: @ovyianphotography 
Designer: @thesareeroom
Jewellery: @banglez_jewelry

Banglez on Kultur’D🎙

This pop culture show discusses hot topics on everything from film & television, art, music to fashion & beauty with a lens on the diversity of people and their perspectives. Produced and hosted by Meera Estrada, along with co-hosts Nneka Elliott and The SandyLion, every episode feature guests to be part of the lively conversation.

Different ages and stages, each host brings a unique view to the weekly topics.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.38.44 AM 2Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.41.22 AM

For Diwali, they discuss fashion featuring our lovely Banglez jewelry, as we are the perfect blend of South Asian jewelry with a western flair! Listen to their podcast for advice and tips! To skip to the fashion segment start at 29:38 🙂

We take everyone’s preferences and style into consideration when curating our jewelry and designing new pieces. We can dress you with everything from South Asian jewelry to South Asian inspired western jewelry to western jewelry! Call us at (416) 834 – 6717 or email us at to inquire!

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Kultur’d social media:                   Instagram                   Facebook                   Twitter