White Magic

“A new take on classic henna is mesmerizing with an intoxicating blend of innocence and an in-your-face jump from tradition.”¬†

-Zardozi Magazine


photography TARA NOELLE art direction, styling & white henna SARAH HUSSAIN

creative assistant CHAILEEN KIM jewelry BANGLEZ

accessory designer SHIRLEY LIANG muse CHAR SAN PEDRO

hair & makeup DANIELLE SCHLEESE wardrobe BREEYN MCCARNEY initimates IRINA SHAD


Top Necklace + earrings: Benzine, Middle Necklace: Aaliyah, Bottom Necklace: Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5807Bangles:¬†Bordeaux ‚Äď Clear, Top Necklace:¬†Sarah, Bottom Necklace:¬†Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5753Bangles:¬†Bordeaux ‚Äď Clear, Headpiece:¬†Azea, Necklace:¬†Sarah.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5686Headpiece: Azea, Top Necklace: Sarah. Bottom Necklace: Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5488Bangles:¬†Bordeaux ‚Äď Clear.


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