Savreet + Harneet❤️

We’d like to introduce you to a lovely couple…Savreet and Harneet! Soon we will share their love story that lead to a proposal!

Banglez naturally was one of Savreet’s first stops, not knowing that she’d find everything she needed. She booked a private bridal appointment and a separate private appointment for her relatives as there needing jewellery was important too!

Piece by piece we brought her visions to life. If we didn’t have a piece that she like…we created it! If a set had a specific piece she wanted but was not part of the set…we created it! If she wanted an uncommon piece that she found on the internet or Pinterest somewhere…we created it! If a certain piece like her kaleeray had clear stones but her outfit had pearls and gold stones…we changed them! We didn’t leave a single piece or stone unturned!

Heres a beautiful preview of the Banglez difference:

Mendhi Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony



Banglez among guests

We hope you’ll give us the chance to help you fall in love with our jewelry the way you fell in love with your partner…❤️

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