Kultur’d ft. Banglez Malinda Chohan!🎙

Kultur’d Host Meera Estrada sits down for this special on Fashion & Beauty with LiveTinted CEO Deepica Mutyala, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ashlin Alexander, stylist Truc Nguyen and PR Director Jessica Panetta. Guest host: Banglez boutique owner Malinda Chohan. They also discuss #ontheradar: JLO & Versace, Super Bowl halftime show, BoF500 cover stars including Dapper Dan and more.

Listen to it here!

9ebe9572-4188-4acc-a793-16034c7f031fMalinda Chohan, Deepika Mutyala & Host Meera Estrada76ad9c09-63f5-40bf-b21e-474bac0e8867Banglez boutique owner Malinda Chohanc0b0d561-7075-4dc5-80b3-bb541b46a978LiveTinted CEO Deepica Mutyalab42705cc-948f-45dc-aaa5-51b451d5a1f2Host Meera Estrada, Deepika Mutyala & Malinda Chohan with Livetinted’s new hue sticks!00547c64-ac28-4646-afc1-c2f42755cef8Malinda Chohan, Jessica Panetta & Host Meera Estradaa48781fe-7bcd-42d7-b5ce-db3012f717c5Malinda Chohan, Truc Nguyen & Host Meera Estrada648585b6-7658-4ef8-8e6e-08035fbfaa81Host Meera Estrada & Malinda Chohan

Excited to try the new Hue sticks from Livetinted!

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