Collab with Ankita ft. Mani Jassal

When inspiration strikes, you get together influential creatives and you create magic!


Doesn’t @aankita.b just look stunning?!?!! and the jewels sure help her sparkle 😉

Bring in your outfit to Banglez and we can customize a piece to your specifications, however big, small, long, short, gold, silver, polki, kundan etc… you may want it to be, its what we do!

Here is an example of love we received from a customer for a special custom piece we designed for her!


Email with your inquiry or fill out a custom jewelry contract with a piece that sparks your interest from our social media or website.

If interested in this set, you can view and purchase it exclusively at The Mani Jassal Showroom by appointment only. Outfit by @manikjassal




We’ve put a lot of Amore into this one because we have mad love for headpieces! We wanted to make a unique and exquisitely fashionable piece of jewelry to celebrate each person who wears its individuality. There are literally 100 different ways you can style them… ok maybe not that many but still a ton!

This piece can subtly add a boho feel to a summer outfit or elegantly with a formal gown. It is an exceptionally versatile piece that works with a wide range of hairstyles.  You’ll love that the Amore headpiece makes an understated- statement!

We wanted to eliminate the myth associated with matha pattis and headpieces that only a bride can wear one…so not true!

Many of our clients want to wear one but they are wary of looking too dressed up or feel that only a bride should be wearing a headpiece. I follow a standard rule as a guest, that if i wear a headpiece then I don’t wear a necklace, or wear a small, simple one and smaller earrings or tops. That’s how you can feel at ease knowing you won’t outshine the bride.

We often customize headpieces for our clients and the majority of the ones we make are non-bridal. With the growing demand for headpieces by non-bridal clients, we were inspired us to create lightweight and easy to wear headpieces that could be worn by just about anyone!

The Amore headpieces are made with a wide array of different coloured, textured, size and finish of gemstones or pearls. They’re accented with AD stonework or tiny jhumkas to add a bit of tradition. The design possibilities are endless!

You can now go online and customize your headpiece by choosing the 2 stone colours that you want! If you have a specific vision in mind or want it to match a certain outfit, please email us at with all the details you can provide us.

– 1 small coloured bead used as the main colour throughout.

– 1 bigger coloured bead used as an accents colour throughout.

*Note this headpiece will come with gold accents and if you prefer silver please state it in your email.

Please be aware that because this is a custom made item, please add an additional 5 days to delivery times mentioned at checkout.

The Amore headpiece is handmade and one of a kind so no two are exactly alike! Each piece made will have a similar look and feel but with slight variations.




The future is female..the future is my daughter👩‍👧

A distant yet powerful memory comes to mind of the day I heard Mira Nair guest speak at the University of Toronto… Someone in the audience asked her how she manages to write and direct films while having a family and all with such ease? She simply but with conviction answered, “How? Well, I’m a woman it’s what we do.”

Today on International Women’s day I’m inspired to reflect upon the role and responsibilities of raising a girl. A girl, who one day will be a woman.


Being a parent is one of my most important roles. I’ve adopted a “go with the flow” mom routine. I choose not to read every parenting book I can get my hands on, simply in fear that it will hinder and influence my natural instincts. It may not be perfect but it works for me. I want to pass on the simple values given to me by my own parents. In hopes of arming my daughter with strength and confidence while showing her humility and empathy.

My daughter Gia is 7 years old. She is a smart and creative young girl that draws all day! She draws pictures of families playing outdoors with multicoloured pockets and striped detailed shirts. Apparently, she decided on her own that all of their skin should be coloured in with different shades of brown (yaaay brown/poc power!) I am filled with pride when I watch her work. I see a reflection of myself in her at this age. As I was encouraged to grow as an artist, I hope to always to do the same for her while inspiring her to believe in herself and the power that she has to make a mark in this world.


With endless uncertainty in and around the world, politically and otherwise. I feel blessed that my daughter has opportunities many girls can only dream of. I want her to grow up knowing this right and for it to humble her.

I want her to know some things sooner than I did. I want her to know the strength and magnitude of the influence her voice holds. I want her to know that if she dares to speak out, that she will be heard.


I think about her future, I wonder what kind of world she’ll have to face. Will progress be made on fronts that can hold her back? Will she have as many opportunities as her male counterparts or will she be fighting the same fight we are today? Will she know that her voice alone could move mountains or will she be silenced by the fear of being outcasted?

I worry about her vulnerable teenage years and how social media will affect them. I may feel like there isn’t much I can do about it, but it is at those times that I must relentlessly rely on the values and beliefs I have instilled within her. I hope that it will protect her from a world that will continuously try to convince her that she does not already have everything she needs within herself. I pray she knows her worth.


As we all reflect on today, a day for girls, a day for women I know that we all can use a little hope sometimes. That feeling that everything’s going to be okay and that there’s going to be someone there to help make sure of that. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have by my side than my fellow sisters as allies, friends, inspirations, strength, and so much more to keep fighting this fight. Afterall, STRENGTH is within us, we just need to change how the world perceives our strength.


Malinda Chohan
A hopeful mother, daughter, sister, wife, and businesswoman


“To all the little girls who are watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” —Hillary Clinton in her 2016 concession speech

– – – – –

Simar ft. Banglez Jewelry


Simar started singing at the age of 5. Her parents put a heavy focus on religion and spirituality and wanted Simar and her siblings to connect with God through kirtan. Simar and her siblings did kirtan for 5 years and won many awards and medals in kirtan competitions.


Through her teenage years, she focused more of her attention on academics and graduated with a degree in Information Technology Management. She then went on to pursue a career in Project Management but soon realized she wasn’t truly passionate about it. She decided to shift the focus onto a dream she had since she started singing as a young girl.

Simar started writing more songs and working with very talented producers who helped to elevate her and shine a spotlight on her talent. She has successful songs with notable artists such as Garry Sandhu and DJ Twinbeatz and has many collaborations currently in the works. Watch out for an amazing lineup of new music coming your way!

The Inaugural Publication by Mandala Weddings🌸

madala logounnamed.pngMandala weddings - Mani Jassal featuresvFsdScreen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.09.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.19.44 AM.png


Looking for a modern twist on your wedding outfit? Mani Jassal offers young brides to be a twist on wedding lenghas from shades of whites and cremes to the traditional red and gold below are some of our favorite looks! Pair it with Banglez jewelry for the perfect complete look!

Be sure to pick up your issue of The Inaugural Issue by Mandala Wedding to view our feature collab!

unnamed (1).pngScreen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.23.55 AM.png



Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.35.41 PM 2 2.png

A pair of traffic cone-orange buttocks with a simple proclamation: POSER.


Whatever Cilene 30.jpg

Similar to how anyone calling themselves a hipster isn’t a hipster, anyone who calls themselves a poser isn’t a poser. If admitting to being a poser automatically disqualifies you from being one, the simultaneous act of claiming to be something you’re not makes you a poser all over again.

The only thing better than being a poser is getting caught in the recursive formula that comes with admitting to it and emblazoning it on your ass, thereby reaching stratospheric poser status as your poserness exponentially multiplies, pushing you to the zenith of ambiguity. Because if you’re not who you’re posing as, then really, who the fuck are you?

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question. I certainly don’t as a 2nd generation bicoastal ethnically ambiguous Indian American. I was equally confused about Cilene but approached her with an easier, albeit loaded and problematic, question: what are you? Like, where are you really from?

Moving from the vague territory that is to be or not to be a poser, what is it to be or not to be in general? And Cilene, who are you trying to be? She’s from South America but does not formally qualify as Hispanic or Latina. She’s of Indian descent but has no idea where on the subcontinent her ancestors are from. She grew up in America many generations after her ancestors were shipped like nonperishable goods from one continent to another because the British wanted more slaves. She’s a beautifully curious case of is and isn’ts, kind of almosts, and not quites.

It is well documented how American immigrants often face an identity crisis as they find themselves dangling between the collectivist ideals they were raised with at home and the distinctly individualistic American culture they were born into. A quick google search and I’m knee-deep in hits about Asian American (an Orientalist term to begin with) identity politics, the fear of rejection, the desire for belonging, racially motivated bullying, and more. Not being fully integrated into either society, they run the risk of becoming white-washed, yet cannot escape getting pigeonholed by their race by the time they say their name. An inherent desire to belong to something greater than themselves keeps them unfulfilled and caught at the divide of a cultural binary, skirting the boundary and unsure of which side to fully commit to.

I think this is where the notion of being a poser stems from in the first place, that being part of something greater requires wholehearted devotion to that community’s shared identity and practices. Evidently, the posers are the emo goths who don’t read Edgar Allan Poe, the valley girls who don’t actually shop till they drop, the techies who prefer Windows over Apple. Yet the only people firing the insult are those who want to maintain an illusion of exclusivity as if their own behaviors are more in touch with the social construct they choose to classify themselves with. To them, immigrants who can’t seem to “pick a side” are posers as well.

The existence of immigrants in the first place creates a special class of posers whose point isn’t to fully assimilate with one side but rather to unite them—creating entirely new cultures in the process, to pick and choose whatever suits their fancy because identity is malleable and an individuals to define. Cilene’s heritage proves how dynamic and nebulous identity can be. She is able to construct hers from the multiple cultures she identifies with, embrace and reject, reshape and redefine. With such a varied background, she is free to pick and choose the parts of her ethnic heritage and cultural upbringing that suit her lifestyle. Caught in between so much she can belong, by choice, to all yet be exclusive, not by choice, to none.


In my case, I was always a poser. I was never Indian enough because I never actively seek out other Indian friends. I was always too Indian because I watch Bollywood and like Indian food. I was scorned by my parents for not participating in the IndoPak culture club. They could never understand why I was so repulsed by it (it’s just an incestuous mating ground). My Indian friends are few and far between, and I’ve finally stopped feeling bad about it. I’m brown, South Asian, Desi, Asian American, not an Asian American because I’m “actually from a subcontinent that smashed into Asia”, American, Indian, Hindustani, Baysian, I could go on. All these groups present an opportunity and space for me to fully assimilate but where’s the fun in that? I could be one. Instead, I simultaneously opt for all of the above.

Cilene, me, you as well. We’re all posers, but that just makes us a little more real.


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White Magic

“A new take on classic henna is mesmerizing with an intoxicating blend of innocence and an in-your-face jump from tradition.” 

-Zardozi Magazine


photography TARA NOELLE art direction, styling & white henna SARAH HUSSAIN

creative assistant CHAILEEN KIM jewelry BANGLEZ

accessory designer SHIRLEY LIANG muse CHAR SAN PEDRO

hair & makeup DANIELLE SCHLEESE wardrobe BREEYN MCCARNEY initimates IRINA SHAD


Top Necklace + earrings: Benzine, Middle Necklace: Aaliyah, Bottom Necklace: Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5807Bangles: Bordeaux – Clear, Top Necklace: Sarah, Bottom Necklace: Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5753Bangles: Bordeaux – Clear, Headpiece: Azea, Necklace: Sarah.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5686Headpiece: Azea, Top Necklace: Sarah. Bottom Necklace: Vidal.

BreathofHennaCherryBeach2017-07-11-5488Bangles: Bordeaux – Clear.


Come check out our unique pieces from this spread on!

The day of Banglez SS17 Wine Event🍷

Inspired by the essence of wine country and the story that we discovered there, we created a delicate new collection made with precious gemstones like turquoise, agate and opal stones.

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View the rest of the collection here!

On Friday, August 25th we invited Banglez friends, family & clients to our first ever Wine Tasting Party to experience our newest WineTour SS17 Collection like never before!


Guests got the opportunity to get their very own personal shopping assistant to help pick out jewelry, including the first personal viewing and claim to purchasing from the wine collection. During the private tasting, they also got 15% off all jewelry (excluding bangles & gift cards) and were able to use the $25 they paid for the ticket towards a purchase or save it for a later time! AMAZING deal or what?!?!

To us, our clients are like family. Having said that, to be able to share our love for wine, food, and jewelry in our lovely showroom (2387 Trafalgar Rd in Oakville) was such a fulfilling experience, and rewarding knowing we executed it to our guests liking! We want more than to be a just a retail store, we want our brand Banglez to be an experience.

Whether you’re learning about jewelry, designing your own pieces, bonding with our staff, collaborating with other small business owners, pushing creative barriers, hosting fun events, etc.. We strive every day to grow and be unique in our own way and this wine tasting was just our way of giving back and celebrating our clients while growing our brand! To think they say you can’t mix business and pleasure haha not true!


The event was hosted by guests Lisa Leonetti Inacio and Chef Renaldo Decembrini, who carefully selected their favourite wines and paired them with gourmet bites to delight the guest’s palettes.


Get to know them a little bit about them…

Meet Lisa Leonetti Inacio!

If one thing has always been true, it’s Lisa’s love of wine. While working on Bay St. for the past 20 years, her passion and enthusiasm for wine have been fuelled by extensive travel in Canada and Internationally to broaden and deepen her knowledge of fine wine. In 2013, Lisa took the plunge and began to study wine more seriously when she completed various wine education courses at Toronto’s George Brown’s college.

Currently enrolled in the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers program, Lisa has finished top of her class in all modules to date and completed her certification in September. In July 2017, she completed Level 1 at the Court of Master Sommeliers.

As she enjoys sharing her passion for wine with wine lovers and consumers alike, Lisa is the owner of the recently established Vedi! Vini! Vino!, a wine consulting and education company that aims to make wine fun. Professional services include wine-focused experiences and tastings to clients, corporate and private, as well as wine list management.

Meet Chef Renaldo Decembrini!

Tracing his roots to Tuscany, Italy, Renaldo Decembrini started cooking at a very young age under the love and guidance of his grandmother, Nonna Maria. Since that time, Chef Renaldo has developed a passion and expertise for sourcing the best in local and seasonal foods while showcasing the essence of each ingredient in his creations.

Renaldo started his career in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he was the Executive Chef in notable kitchens across the Province. Chef Renaldo was also instrumental in the launch and operation of two new restaurants, TASTE Resto-Lounge and Vinoteca.

Chef Renaldo moved to Toronto in July of 2015. Over the past two years, Renaldo has been exploring the diverse Toronto food scene and is currently working on opening his first restaurant.


Hosts left to right: Lisa Leonetti Inacio, Renaldo Decembrini, Malinda & Hardip Chohan



One of guest upon being interviewed had this to say:

“When I first heard about this event my first thought was that we would be walking through a vineyard wearing fancy jewelry. Then I came back to reality and thought it was a get-together with other jewelry lovers at the store. That got me excited because I LOVE the store!! I love supporting local brands. Malinda is a sweetheart and I wanted to also support her business.

I think the tickets were reasonably priced considering the food was very fancy and we all received a discount on the merchandise in the store. The ticket included food, drinks and 15% off our purchase.

I attended with my fashion enthusiast friend, whom I drag everywhere and we both loved it! She loves wine, fine food, and jewelry, which made our experience enjoyable. It was a great experience.

The hosts were knowledgeable and friendly. The guests were nice as well and the overall atmosphere was positive. I am very likely to attend future events hosted by Banglez! I am also, very likely to recommend Banglez products/service/events to a friend and/or colleague.

I think creating a collection based on the elements/theme of wine was a very creative approach! That was one of the reasons why I wanted to attend, it was a different compared to other events we’ve attended.

From a designer perspective, the most important part of an experience like this is to be around other like-minded, supportive and positive people. Since it was a small event, we were able to talk to others, the host(s), network with other guests, check out the jewelry, get familiar with the store and get creative.”

-Navjot Chohan


“This event was well organized and informative. The food was so delicious, especially when paired with the perfect wines to match. The wine connoisseur was very educated on her history of wines and the wines presented. I typically am not a wine drinker as I find certain wines to have a high level of sulfites in their aftertaste. The wines presented were not limited to Niagara Wines, and this was greatly appreciated. I purchased all of the wines afterward and used for a party. It was a total hit! It was great to shop at Banglez after the event as they had a beautiful setup, and jewelry to browse through. I was then able to use the $25.00 I paid for my ticket – towards my purchase. I would definitely attend again!”

– Puja Suri-Lof


Watch out for more events hosted by Banglez on our Instagram, Facebook & Subscribe to our email list for the latest news!


Mahak Gupta & Malinda Chohan


Photography: Carlos Pinto

Creative Direction, Location & Jewelry: @banglez_jewelry


Banglez Wine Tour SS17🍷

A moment for the self…

My heart had waited along the shores of my dreams. Woven with seaweed and illuminating strings of pearls, it sang a sweet desire. Uncontrollably savouring every moment that lay there glistening towards me, I began to write. An inner calling that till today, danced along my ears. Reminding me of the beauty in uncertainty. Pleasurable, sporadic moments, unplanned such as the taste of the wine he poured for me that one afternoon. My name is Desiree, most of my friends know me as Desire. Yes, it was real. He was real. And she was present. As these beads roll down my collar bone and into my palms, I hesitate to unhook the lock pressed tightly against my nape. The scent of rainfall and Chardonnay surrounding and smothering my mirror of an engulfing haze. As my memories became saturated with colour, a portal of time appeared. I entered into a haven of grapevines…

Today: August 15th

The sun’s rays emit an uncertain warmth that lifted the golden-brown hair along my knuckles. My mother never would let me wax them and so I never did. It was just last year when my friends and I were discussing how important it is to care for yourself. But how does this relate to one’s natural hairs? Though, my knuckles aren’t adorned with anything except for my late grandmother’s pearl inlay ring.

Life, a whirlwind of emotion with an outlook on the world which I did not have.
The scent of lavender filled the air as we drove up to the vineyards. I wanted to get back to the city. I wasn’t healthy enough for this lifestyle. My kaleidoscope world involved late night bars and a nine-five work ethic. Once I arrived home, I would wear my spectacles while socializing in the corner of a warehouse. I enjoyed one on one socials and wore the same jewelry every day to work; my watch.

Why was everyone so happy? What was so uplifting about commercial vineyards? The margarita pizza was twenty-four dollars!

I wished that my thoughts were as clear as this beautiful sky. With its clarity so surreal. The turquoise washes resonated with my sea-green pressed stones. I always knew they’d come to benefit me one day. I was told that they have healing powers so why not, for luck and all. I always knew of an adventure, but I never thought it would come so soon. Thanks to my dearest friend Amen, who decided to stop by the patio for some wine tasting. This wasn’t my area of expertise. I definitely discouraged myself in partaking in any outdoor activities. I wasn’t ready for a nonchalant lifestyle.

We walked through these majestic glass mahogany doors that looked as if they had never been touched. The cobble stones that gently pushed against one other, transitioned into a decadent marble. As the sun’s rays, intimately glazed each brick that molded its ways into its own pocket I went to the bathroom which looked like an entirely different country.

“Desiree, can you smell that?” said Amen
“I only smell the lavender, mixed with a musky scent of sex and rich wine.” – I replied
“No, but…who is that?!” – exclaimed Amen.

My fingers tried to clench the glass and as I did it fell in slow motion towards the ground. I ran out into the field, gasping for air. I couldn’t see him, was he actually here? I don’t even know him! How do I make you embrace the tactile nature of this moment? I can’t even explain it to myself. The last position I ever imagined myself in was a feeling of oneness and that with myself. Possession took over me.

Ok, so now you’re thinking, this is far too dramatic. It’s all based off an international film that went really sour in the end. You’re right! That’s exactly how I felt but this was a nominee for an accolade. A desirable state that most of us never see in our lifetime.

I found myself floating above the vineyards. There was no sign of a clear path. You couldn’t cut over or under the bushes because you would ruin the rooting of the grapevines. Pacing myself through these fields I had a moment to appreciate the serene beauty. I pulled off my heels and ran, finding loose grape vines on the ground. As if they were intentionally for me. He was toying with me. My lips pursed towards the light, I had never been so content; so full of life.

Today, I value time and friendship; a great love that baskets all wonders of life. We should take time out to discover ourselves in our limelight. If it is discomforting, it is because you are unknown to the graceful, magnificent version of yourself. As women we hold back from saying what we wish due to fear of hurting one that we love; our significant others, family member or friends. They will forget, but we hold onto these tribulations of a heavier caffeinated session. What I mean to say is that my longing is now fulfilled because I found my true self. The scent of lavender and grapevines have provided me with a moment to unleash my smile into a light that I never knew existed. I encapsulated my personality with my doubts. I not only agitated when approaching others but myself. Doubting the person that you share everything with may and will always drown your ambitions to grow as a couple.

I couldn’t hold my breath. The scent of pinewood and eucalyptus had me entrenched with desire as I walked up the rolling hills. It was nearly sunset and I still hadn’t seen him. My longing was overwhelming. My soul had disowned my past and renewed its vows with this new sensitivity. My senses were enhanced. I was more than just Desiree, I was gratified.

He never came, I am now married to my best friend and if he was to ever appear I knew that he would come in the form of love.

Art Director, Stylist, and Writer: Sarah Hussain, Breath of Henna. @breathofhenna

– – –

Have a look at our adventure through the vineyard that inspired this collection! This is the experience we want to bring to our customers❤️

Longing a desirable piece, adorn yourself in Banglez newest collection and take a tour on this beautiful journey…August 25th, 2017.

Ph: @krushitvanzara

MUAH: @cassandracampbellbeauty

Styling & Story by: @breathofhenna

Muse: @thenujaa

Wardrobe: breeynmccarney @chandanfashion and @zara

Creative Direction: @banglez_jewelry

Location: @twosisters_vineyards
and @ravinevineyard